Terms of Service


Welcome to TransBank Meta-Corpus: a large, open and expandable repository of translated texts and their original texts stored in a bank and made available on this website. The main innovative feature of TransBank is the ability to offer an online service to all stakeholders in translation by allowing you to compile and download parallel sub-corpora, tailored to your requirements regarding specific questions of translation research. A faceted search technology, i.e., clickable labels that can be combined, excluded and/or filtered, enable you to extract a number of metadata information and to access/download corresponding corpora for your own use.
TransBank is large (and growing larger every day), free and – most importantly – open.
Just like every online service (or any service for that matter), TransBank Corpus needs some rules to function properly. These rules are explicated in this document, which is completed by the Privacy Policy (concerning all users) and the Contributor Agreement (for those of you who decide to contribute to the Corpus).

Please read this document carefully (and consider saving or printing a copy) as you are bound by it.

1. Definitions

Agreement means these Terms of Service;
Content means the textual data and metadata available through the Service, or any part thereof;
Repeated Infringer is a user whose account was deleted according to the procedure described in section 11 of this Agreement;
Service means the TransBank Service;
Service Provider is
TransBank – A Meta-Corpus for Translation Research
Department of Translation Studies
University of Innsbruck
Herzog-Siegmund-Ufer 15
A-6020 Innsbruck | Austria
Website means the TransBank website (www.transbank.info).

2. Acceptance

This Agreement is proposed to you by the Service Provider. By creating a user account or by using the Service you signify your acceptance of this Agreement. This Agreement can only be accepted in whole and as is, no counteroffers will be accepted by the Service Provider.

3. Modifications of this Agreement

The Service Provider may unilaterally modify this Agreement in the future (e.g. to comply with changes in the legal framework). Any modification of this Agreement will be notified to you by e-mail (to the e-mail address used to create your user account). If you keep using the Service after having been notified of the modification, this means that you accept it and are bound by it.

4. User Account

  1. A. In order to use the Service you need to create a user account through the Website’s registration procedure.
  2. In order to create a user account you must:
    1. provide a valid e-mail address;
    2. be at least 13 years old. However, if in your country of residence the age required to validly accept this Agreement is older, you shall comply with this requirement;
    3. not be a Repeated Infringer (cf. section 11 of this Agreement);
    4. not be a bot or other algorithm (only humans can create user accounts).
  3. An account that was created in violation of this section will be deleted immediately and without prior warning.
  4. You may delete your user account at any time.
  5. You must keep your user account’s password safe and confidential.
  6. Only you can use your user account. You acknowledge that you are the sole responsible for the actions related to your user account.

5. Rights of Users

  1. Upon the creation of a user account, you have the right to:
    1. access, browse and search the Content, via the web user interface or any API provided by the Service Provider;
    2. link to the Content;
    3. download the Content and, if it is not in the public domain, re-use it in accordance with the terms of the license under which the Content is available.
  2. You may exercise your rights stated in letter A of this section for free and without limits.
  3. If you make translations of the Content, you are encouraged to contribute them to the Service.

6. Obligations of Users

  1. You shall not:
    1. crawl and scrape or attempt to crawl and scrape the Content by any means and for any purpose;
    2. use the Service and its Content in any manner that may limit its utility or enjoyment for other users;
    3. use the Service and its Content in any manner that infringes the rights of the Service Provider, the Content’s rightholders or third parties;
    4. use the Service and its Content in any way that breaches the applicable law, including (but not limited to) the rules governing privacy and data protection;
    5. use the Service and its Content in any way that violates your legal or contractual obligations, including under this Agreement;
    6. use the name of the Service or the Service Provider in any manner that would imply endorsement of any service or product by the Service Provider (unless you are expressly authorized by the Service Provider to do so);
    7. alter or modify the functioning of the Service or any part of the Website;
    8. attempt to access the Service and its Content in any other way than recommended on the Website;
    9. provide or attempt to provide access to the Service for monetary compensation.
  2. You shall:
    1. use the Content in accordance with the authorization granted to you by rightholders in the respective licenses under which the Content is available;
    2. indemnify and protect the Service Provider against all claims, damages, legal fees and other expenses arising from your use of the Service or the Website.
  3. If you violate any obligation listed in letters A and B of this section, your user account will be deactivated or deleted pursuant to section 11 of this Agreement.

7. Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights

  1. Unless expressly stated otherwise, copyright and other intellectual property rights in the Service belong to the Service Provider.
  2. Copyright and other intellectual property rights in the Content belong to its respective rightholders.

8. Copyright Policy (DMCA)

The Service Provider does not monitor the Content of the Service. If you identify any Content that infringes your intellectual property rights, unlawfully uses your personal data or violates any laws (e.g. is defamatory) you should, before taking any legal action, notify the Service Provider following the procedure detailed under: [link will be made available as soon as the TransBank platform goes online]> .

9. Disclaimer of Warranties

  1. Nothing in this Agreement shall be interpreted as aimed at affecting your unwaivable statutory rights under the applicable law.
  2. The Service and its Content are provided “as is” and on a “as available” basis. The Service Provider does not make any express or implied warranties regarding its satisfactory quality, accuracy, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, functioning, compatibility or security.

10. Limitation of Liability

  1. Nothing in this Agreement shall be interpreted as aimed at excluding or limiting the Service Provider’s liability which cannot be lawfully limited or excluded under the applicable law.
  2. To the extent allowed by the applicable law, the Service Provider shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage suffered by you and resulting from your use of the Service or the Website. This includes in particular: any loss of profit, any loss of opportunity, any loss of goodwill or business reputation or any loss of data.
  3. Without prejudice to letter A of this section, the limitation of liability in letter B of this section shall apply whether or not the Service Provider was or should be advised or aware of the possibility of such losses.

11. Termination

  1. This Agreement and your rights under section 5 of this Agreement terminate if:
    1. the Service ceases to exist OR
    2. you delete your user account OR
    3. your user account is deleted by the Service Provider according to letter B of this section.
  2. If you violate any obligation listed in section 6 of this Agreement, your user account may be deactivated for a period of two weeks. In such a case, your rights under section 5 of this agreement will be suspended during this period.
  3. If you violate any obligation listed in section 6 of this Agreement upon the reactivation of your user account, your user account will be deleted and your rights under section 5 of this Agreement will be terminated. You will be regarded as a Repeated Infringer.

12. Final Provisions

  1. If any provision of this Agreement is ruled to be invalid by any competent court of law, this provision will be removed from this Agreement. All the remaining provisions of this Agreement will continue to be valid.
  2. To the extent allowed by the applicable law, you agree that this Agreement will be governed by Austrian law and that Austrian courts will have jurisdiction over any dispute arising from this Agreement.