TÖI Editathon Contributing to TransBank

TransBank is an open-science university project for the collaborative collection and sharing of translation data. Our mission is to make translations easily and freely accessible to anyone interested in translation.

To unleash its full potential, TransBank needs to be fed with authentic translations. The more languages, topics and translator profiles it covers, the more useful it gets for the translation community and everyone involved.

Therefore, we invite you, dear participants of the Översättningsvetenskap på Wikipedia edit-a-thon (Stockholm University, 11 March 2020) to contribute your translations to TransBank. In this way, your translations will be given a new, sustainable purpose.

Contributions are made on a voluntary basis in accordance with our Contributor Agreement, which was carefully drafted by legal experts to ensure that your intellectual property rights and your privacy are fully respected.


How and what to contribute?

We invite you to submit the translations that you produce during the edithathon. Wikipedia articles are licensed under the Creative Commons license, which means they can be freely shared and redistributed. By sharing your translations through TransBank, other users may easily find your translations and reuse them, for example translation trainers who need translations to prepare teaching materials, or researchers who would like to study the characteristics of online translation.

In addition to the translated texts, you may optionally choose to provide information about your profile as a translator (e.g. native language, experience as a translator) and the translation process. Such information makes your translations even more useful.

To submit your data, simply fill in the form below. It’s very easy, secure and free! Most importantly, you may choose to have your data deleted from TransBank at any time.