Contribute to TransBank

We are an open-science university project for the collaborative collection and sharing of translation data. Our mission is making translations easily and freely accessible to anyone interested. To unleash its full potential, TransBank needs to be fed with translations in a community effort. The benefits of contributing to TransBank are described here.

We invite you to give translations a sustainable purpose by making them easily findable and reusable through TransBank.


How and what to contribute?

Contributions are made on a voluntary basis in accordance with our Contributor Agreement, which was carefully drafted by legal experts to ensure that your intellectual property rights and your privacy are fully respected.

You can submit translations and originals that are already or may be licensed under one of the seven licenses supported by our Contributor Agreement, for example the Creative Commons. The licenses clarify the legal status of your submission and specify the conditions under which it can be reused by others.

In addition to texts, you may optionally provide information about the texts, about the text producers, and the production process. Such information makes your contributions highly useful to others – in the same way that other people’s texts in TransBank may be highly useful to you, because you will have an easy time finding them with the help of the information everyone contributes.

To submit your data, simply fill in the form below. It’s very easy, secure and free! Also, you may opt to have your data deleted from TransBank at any time.